Headwaters Strategies Services


One of the most important objectives when it comes to lobbying is to generate meaningful discussions with legislators to help them understand complex policy. With the solid relationships we have built over the years with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, especially the leadership, we have more than just the ability to set up meetings —  we have their respect. They know that we will shoot straight and explain all sides of a debate. This allows us to manage an issue from beginning to end, whether it is drafting a bill on our client’s behalf, heading off harmful bills before they happen, making contact with lawmakers, securing passionate sponsors, or counting votes and gauging the Governor’s support.

Strategic Counsel

The mood inside the Capitol Building can change drastically from session to session, from week to week, and even from hour to hour. Headwaters is so close to the ground that we can measure that up-to-the-minute political environment and provide clients with strategic advice and counsel on when, or if, the time is ripe to push an issue or to back away, along with what to ask for, why or how. We constantly re-evaluate that landscape, updating our clients on the process and the timeline so that we can fight for the best possible outcome.

Political Giving

Identifying and supporting candidates who support your goals is one of the most effective ways of creating change. We provide tactical advice and managed-campaign and political-giving strategies for clients who are looking to develop a political engagement plan that meets those goals and fits their budget. Whether you have a small political program or a large one, we can help you understand which races are worth investing in and which ones aren’t.

Association Management

Making change in politics isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes the combined efforts of the community to rally together over an issue. We are adept at building and leading broad-based coalitions and trade associations whose members have banded together over a common interest. To do this, Headwaters effectively manages agendas, budgets and membership in order to promote and push the goal of trade associations.

Executive Branch Engagement

Legislators pass, amend and kill bills, but sometimes the details of the resulting laws don’t translate into real life. With friends and allies in the Governor’s office and in the cabinet, as well as deep relationships with state agency leaders and staff, we are able to address problems that can often be solved simply and away from the chaos of the Senate and House floors. These include rulemaking fixes, implementation of existing policy, and the interpretation of specific regulations. Sometimes the best way to solve puzzles is quietly and carefully.